Monday, 1 June 2015

Competition Is Vital.

Competition allows you to greater yourself by enhancing standards and gain customer knowledge. This assists boost brand awareness and loyalty.

Competition keeps you on your toes. It allows you to concentrate on solving customer's troubles, and improving your service and products.

“We all go by means of a standard growing-up stage exactly where some competition is essential for improvement of wholesome self-esteem.”

There is a difference between competitors and greed. Competition focuses on bettering yourself for the end advantage of the firm and sector. Greed focuses on bettering your pockets.

My Knowledge

Without having competition I would become complacent. But considering that Karma Snack is positioned as the underdog we have to continue improving our approaches, processes, methodologies, and message to finish users.

In the final week we did a re-mixed redesign of the primary Karma Snack site, we introduced curves alternatively of squares for every little thing, refined the look of the all round website.

In 1 week's time we drop our bounce rate by more than 11% from this one particular alter. The week's bounce price has been hovering at 40.59%, but there were days it was as low as 30%, for the whole website!! We enhanced guests by 47%. Page views increased by 57%. Enhanced Average page views by 6.6%. And most crucial enhanced time on site by 1 minute and 24 seconds. That is targeted visitors reading and understanding our internet site.

The end outcome in the visual improvement permitted us to improve our day-to-day leads by 450%, in one particular week. Aim conversions for the internet site increase by 305%.

Our referral visitors has increased by 92% thanks to our marketing campaign in the very same two-week period. These benefits can only be accomplished by testing new and greater sources, eliminating ones that don't operate, and understanding how to use every social media platform to it's complete effect.

For example, me employing Digg to get targeted traffic is like sending a homeless folks to a Bentley dealership, it is just not going to convert, As an alternative use the Digg visitors to get you web site indexed more rapidly, and use other websites like Sphinn that are targeted for marketing to get the converting site visitors, and now your playing with the correct game strategy.

There are subtleties in Internet marketing and understanding these can not be accomplished with out competitors. I could not continue to learn the new and far better techniques for web marketing and advertising with out studying the competitors, seeing what they are undertaking wrong, and what they are undertaking correct. I've been doing web style and Web marketing and advertising since 1995, I could not survive if I did not stay on prime of the competitors day in and day out. I operate 7 days a week and never rest for absolutely nothing, not until I am quantity 1 in a certain business or the niche I am targeting.

I've got Google Alerts going nuts with Karma Snack all day and evening proper now. The competitors notices it, and I know they do considering that they copy what we do after every single Google Alert, and then I start seeing Google Alerts for them in locations I am operating. It's a in no way-ending game that continues on till either one of you is defeated, or the complete game changes and you are the old school going up against the new college. With competitors driving you, you will constantly see the changes coming, and hopefully steer the course of the industry as properly.

Competition allows me to enhance my own game strategy, by watching exactly where other people fail and good results.

“A fool learns from his own mistakes, a wise man learns from other's errors.”